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  • The Chicco Echo Twin Stroller is a stroller from Chicco specially designed for your twin babies. It is equipped with a four-position reclining backrest and has a compact umbrella-folding. The Chicco twin stroller is practical, lightweight, stylish, and comes with a double seat! Yes, that means a combination of trendy style and a strong personality.

    Product Features:
    ●    Maximum Comfort: The Chicco Echo Twin Stroller is explicitly designed for twin babies. The seats are very comfy and safe because of safety harness belts. It comes equipped with a soft-to-touch handle that allows you to steer it easily and provides you with a firm grip.
    ●    5-point Safety: The 5-point safety belt restraint system on each seat ensures proper protection for your baby.
    ●    Compact Umbrella Folding: When folded, the Chicco twin stroller is compact, making it easier to carry around. The compact umbrella folding reduces the size significantly and makes it easy to store in a car trunk. It also comes with a fabric handle that makes it easy to carry along.
    ●    Trendy Design: The beautiful Garnet colour and the contemporary design is perfect for the parents because you are trendy at heart too.
    ●    Four-position Reclining Backrest: The Chicco Echo Twin Stroller has a four-position reclining backrest for every seat. You can adjust it easily with one hand. If one of the babies falls asleep, you can recline his/her seat backward while the other baby enjoys the ride.

    Product Description:
    The Chicco echo twin stroller is the unrivalled handy solution for mums because it combines maximum comfort and safety with premium features. The twin stroller has two very comfortable seats and an ultra-lightweight frame that makes it easy to manage while on a walk. It ensures that the babies feel comfortable and don’t hurt their back because of sitting in the same position for prolonged periods. The easily reclining backrest is also helpful if the babies fall asleep while on a walk. Are you worried about your baby’s safety? Well, the Chicco Stroller is equipped with a five-point safety belt restraint system on each of the seats. Besides, the padded safety-belt shoulder straps give maximum comfort to the baby. They gently embrace your little ones and keep them fastened to the stroller. The Chicco twin stroller keeps in check the complete on-the-go safety of the babies. The Chicco strollers come in a wide range to suit your every need. Versatile, compact, comfortable, and safe, the Chicco baby stroller is the best stroller available in the market. Complete and functional, they ensure easy and comfortable rides every day and everywhere. The Chicco twin stroller is budget-friendly as well.

    Consumer benefits:
    ●    The frame and muscular build of the stroller are sturdy enough to manage two babies and some extra baggage. Each of the seats has its separate storage basket at the bottom so that you can enjoy light shopping trips with your twins.
    ●    The five-point safety harness ensures the complete safety of your babies and hence frees you from any worries.
    ●    For parents trendy at heart, the vibrant garnet colour of the stroller is best because it enhances their personalities more. If you want to make heads turn while you take a walk with your cute little ones, the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller is certainly the stroller made for you and your babies.
    ●    The Chicco stroller is very quick to assemble. The instruction manual is printed in elementary language to ensure hassle-free assembling that happens so that you can enjoy a walk with your babies as soon as possible.
    ●    Moreover, the Chicco twin stroller comes with a rain cover to protect your little ones in case of bad weather. The rain cover fits both seats perfectly and ensures that your babies stay dry till you get home safe.

    The premium features at an affordable price make the Chicco stroller stand out from the other strollers available in the market. So, double your comfort, style, and safety with the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller – Garnet.
    ●    Please read all the instructions and warnings printed on the label carefully before using the product.
    ●    The Chicco Echo Twin Stroller is suitable for babies till they weigh 15 Kgs. Don’t use the stroller for the babies once they exceed that weight limit.
    ●    Don’t place heavy-weight items in the storage baskets of the stroller.

    About Chicco strollers :
    Daily walks are an essential part of our everyday life. They are crucial not only for you but for your babies as well. With the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller, you can make these walks hassle-free and more memorable! It is ideal to use the stroller right from birth until the baby attains 15 kgs. Strollers are a must-have to ensure an enjoyable outdoor life for your babies. We at Chicco want to provide the best for you and your baby. We consider not only your babies’ comfort but also yours. The Chicco Echo Twin Stroller is designed with a six-sturdy wheels system for stable and effortless mobility.

    The six pairs of robust wheels distribute the weight evenly and assist in maintaining the stroller’s stability. It also comprises one-tap-linked breaks to keep the stroller in place. It frees you from worrying about the stroller losing its balance. The six-pairs wheel system ensures that you don’t have to put much effort while steering the stroller. To be a helping hand in your extraordinary journey, our employees work round the clock to make sure that you get the best. Our products are made after considering several factors such as safety, comfort, mobility, and design. It is primarily the reason why parents worldwide find Chicco products the best for their babies.

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    From the manufacturer

    Echo stroller
    chicco stroller

    Practical and Convenient


    • Specifically designed for parents with twin babies.
    • Two very comfortable seats with independent safety harness belts and recliner settings.
    • An ultra-lightweight yet sturdy frame designed to accommodate weight up to 15 Kg in each seat.
    • Equipped with soft to touch handle grips that offer a firm grip over the stroller and allows you to steer it with ease.


    chicco echo stroller



    • 5-point safety belt restraint system on each seat
    • Compact when folded, easy to carry along with you
    • Additional Accessory – Rain cover for stroller
    • Contemporary design, matching frame colour and stylized wheels – for mums trendy at heart


    chicco feature

    Reclining Backrest

    Each seat has independent four position reclining back-rest that can be adjusted with just one hand. In case one of the baby falls asleep, you can choose to recline only his/her seat and let the other baby enjoy the view.

    chicco feature

    Reclining Backrest

    echo features

    Umbrella Folding

    echo features

    Padded Shoulder Straps

    echo features

    Six Sturdy Wheels System


    About Chicco

    At your side, every step of the way.

    We put our passion and expertise to make our products a reliable resource to use day after day to support parents and make sure that every single one of those moments can be enjoyed in complete serenity.

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